Membership Information

PASMA, the Public Agency Safety Management Association is a not-for-profit organization. Its members include Safety, Health, and Risk Management Professional from public agencies throughout California. Member agencies include Cities, Counties, Port Authorities, Transit Districts, School Districts and other Academic Agencies, Utilities, Joint Powers Authorities, Flood Control Districts, and other Special Districts.


PASMA currently has two chapters, North and South. Each meets on a BI-monthly basis. Meetings are conducted at locations convenient to a majority of the membership.

Regular meetings are broken up into two segments, a roundtable and a speaker presentation. The roundtable is an opportunity for all members to discuss their victories, needs and frustrations; this will help members to keep up-to-date on current events and topics, and reduce wasted research time. Speakers include Health Care Professionals, Emergency Planners, Specialists in Safety, Toxic Waste, Driver Training, Industrial Hygiene, etc.

Membership Applications

Download the Membership Application for PASMA’s South Chapter.

Download the Membership Application for PASMA’s North Chapter.

For Additional Information Contact:

South: Tola Perkins or (714) 480-2879

North:  Gina Eicher or (925) 256-3513

Federal Identification Number:  68-0309592